5 Bizarre Insurance Claims Caused By Kids and Critters

Image by HypnoArt CC0

It’s the golden rule of acting, “never work with children or animals” – but in real life you just don’t have that much control. Here are a few examples of kids and critters that have sparked an insurance claim!

  1. Melted laptop keys

After a small child spilled their favourite fizzy pop on their grandfather’s laptop, it was decided that a hairdryer would be the best way to dry it out. Unfortunately the heat causes the keys to melt resulting in over £200 worth of damage.

  1. Mess by pigeon

In the confines of a small space, birds can cause quite a lot of havoc, but £8000 worth? According to one resident it did! After falling down the chimney said pigeon broke ornaments, trashed a carpet and ruined a sofa. Yowch!

  1. Sick on Skype

Another one from the “proud grandparents” section. In this claim, it turns out that Grandpops was showing off the little bundle of joy during a Skype call on a laptop. Upon lifting baby up, and presumably closer to the camera, the little love did one of those very special baby pukes, causing over £400 worth of damage.

  1. Badger in Bath

Not a badger in a bath, but a badger trapped in a garage in Bath, locked in there by a fearless 71 year old woman. Badgers are strong critters though and this one reportedly fled in search of freedom after bashing a hole in the wall to escape!

  1. Hungry Snail

Ok, so this insurance claim isn’t going to break any records, but it is certainly off the scale when it comes to weirdness! A 73 year old chap made a claim for £78 after a snail had chomped its way through his carpet. There is no information on the size of snail or how long that might have taken!