Airsoft Insurance for Operators

Restrictive cover is a thing of the past with airsoft insurance products developed to exclusively provide cover for the Airsoft Operators and the leisure industry.


Airsoft and Paintball may not be as different as chalk and cheese, but they are dissimilar enough to justify specialist insurance products. In the past operators have had to have combat sports insurance polices amended to ensure that the correct cover is being provided.


Not any more! Insurance experts have a product specific for the industry to deliver what airsoft operators need for their airsoft site.


Airsoft Insurance for Operators and their sites includes:

  • Public/Products Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • All Risks (theft & damage cover for your gaming equipment)
  • Airsoft site insurance

To find out more about the specific requirements of Airsoft Insurance or to arrange cover, call Insurance experts on 01245 500433.