Airsoft Vs Paintball

Airsoft v Paintball

Why Paintball Insurance Doesn’t Hit The Mark With Airsoft Players

Airsoft is a combat sport tactically using non-lethal ammo in replica firearms against other players. Quite a bit like Paintball you’d think, or at least close enough as far as getting insurance cover goes – well you’d be wrong!

There are a number of differences between the two sports that justify the need for specialist insurance for Operators and players (Coming Soon)


  • Participants shoot round non-metallic  pellets from replica firearms.
  • Protection includes eye protection, and often a full face mask and BBs.
  • Equipment needed includes a replica firearm powered by rechargeable batteries, CO2 or a spring, plus pellets.
  • Ease of play is considered slightly harder than Paintball due to magazine loading. Play also includes realistic scenarios based on military simulations and historical re-enactments.


  • Participants shoot dye capsules from a special gun called a paintball marker.
  • Usually only a mask is required for protection.
  • The gun, powered by CO2 or HPA consists of a tank, hopper and pods. This is all the equipment you need.
  • Designed with mass-markets in mind, Paintball is easy to play thanks to specialised, easy to use  equipment. Paintball play is varied by nature, but provides a far less realistic warfare experience.

While these differences may seem small, it is the risk involved with the type of play, and the number of participants involved as well as the distinctions between equipment that make a difference as far as insurers are concerned. If you’d like to know more, either as a player or as an operator, give Insurance Experts a call.