Battle Re-enactments – Insure The Sound of the Summer!

Image by edusoft CC0

Image by edusoft CC0

Festival season brings with it many events that feature battle re-enactments. Whether it is in the form of archery, jousting, sword fights or gunfights – these displays entertain the British masses during the summer, and are guaranteed to draw a crowd.

However, while the crowds are cooing, those re-enacting are likely to have a lot on their mind besides some carefully choreographed moves.

Historical re-enactments often use replicas with a high value, have props and equipment that are specially made, and feature high-risk elements such as gunpowder and horses. Those factors, combined with a large audience, increases the chances of “something going wrong”.

Thankfully, with careful planning and adequate risk assessment, the chances of an injury, breakage or theft is minimised.

As experts in historical re-enactment insurance, we are also knowledgeable when it comes to ensuring these types of events go to plan. Our job is to help our clients reduce the associated risks as much as possible, and as such we are on hand to offer advice about issues such as crowd safety, weapon storage, and kit transportation.


Our valued information can help keep the sound of re-enactment going successfully this summer, so if you have an event planned and would like advice from the experts about insurance for Battle Re-enactments, call Insurance Experts on 01245 500433