Can An App Help Fleet Managers Cut Costs?

Technology has the power to help fleet managers save money by saving time. We take a look at e-Fleet Mobile, an award-winning smartphone app that aims to simplify routine tasks for drivers and provide fleet managers with more control at their fingertips.

What Does e-Fleet Mobile Do?

Drivers are able to record important info such as mileage, and book vehicles for a service, and submit Vehicle Condition reports without having to submit paperwork. The app also gives remote access to the key services drivers need to make sure that their vehicles continue to operate effectively.

Fleet managers benefit from the app’s ability to provide predictive electronically uploaded mileage submissions and vehicle condition reports. It will also notify fleet managers and drivers of contract renewals, servicing and MOT dates. The result is that fleet managers will find it easier to meet duty of care requirements using the app, especially in combination with e-Fleet’s online fleet management system.

Is e-fleet right for you?

If you find yourself spending lots of time chasing bits of paperwork, or getting lost in paper filing, then this app might well save you valuable time, and therefore money! There are also time-saving benefits for drivers, which could also impact on company costs. e-fleet is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile, and can be used to manage entire fleets regardless of funders involved, including grey fleets.

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