Driverless Taxi Trial Begins

The era of driverless taxis is nigh – at least according to experts in the US. We take a look at what is happening across the pond and consider what this might mean for the insurance industry.

Driverless Uber Taxis Insurance Experts

Pittsburgh is the place where driverless history is taking place as Uber and Volvo start the first driverless taxi trials. Uber customers will be asked if they would like to book a driverless taxi when they hail via the app, and if so, they will be greeted by a state-of-the-art Volvo.

While driverless, the taxis will still have a real person in the driver seat as a safety backup – as per the regulations – but what does this next step in driverless technology mean to brokers?

We blogged a while ago on the impact driverless technology could have on the insurance industry, and found that rather than humans being the risk to be insured, it would be the driverless technology.

If the product malfunctions and causes an accident, then it would be the technology to blame. Unless of course legislation continues to require a “driver” to be present at all times, in which case they could be considered the last port of call to rectify some situations.

While experts say that driverless technology could save hundreds of thousands of lives, it could also cause many drivers to lose their jobs, even if a trained driver is required to be on board.

“1.3 million people die every year in car accidents – 94 per cent of those accidents involve human error,” said Uber. Source:

Uber is no stranger to causing disruption in the taxi driving industry, but they aren’t the only big name pushing this technology forward – Goodyear, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and of course Tesla are all in this race to the future. Watch this space to find out more!

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