Event Organisers – Expect The Unexpected!


Event Organisers - Expect The Unexpected! Insurance experts image

Exhibition Insurance, a product often overlooked by a busy events organiser, until it is too late. All too often, organisers who purchase insurance do so after disaster has already struck. Some may think that because it is an indoor event that weather couldn’t cause cancellation, or that because the event has run like clockwork for the last 10 years nothing could possibly go wrong.


The main concerns for events organisers revolve around cancellation, key people not turning up, and an injured delegate or guest, but thanks to meticulous planning and risk management the organiser perceives that all bases are covered. It is the unusual events that aren’t taken into consideration – and one of the key reasons insurance is a must at any event.

Main Concerns For Event Organisers

  • Event cancellation
  • A key person/group no longer attending
  • Damage to the venue
  • Weather disruption
  • Transport disruption
  • Claim made by someone injured at event

Weather, natural disasters and political unrest are three key factors that could cause disruption at an event, but it is the totally unpredictable that has been the cause of some of the biggest claims over the years. One example is when a murder outside a venue the night before an event forced cancellation as a forensics team conducted investigations. With 2,000 delegates due to attend, this could well have been a costly situation for the uninsured. Believe it or not this is actually something that has happened twice in the UK!*

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