Event Planning – Your Must-Do List!

Event Planning – Your Must-Do List! Insurance experts image

Your to-do list may be longer than your arm, but there are a few essential aspects of holding an event you’d be foolish to ignore. Check out our must-do list, and make these your priority!

Health and Safety

One of the most important parts of planning an event is carrying out a risk assessment. A risk assessment can help you identify, and therefore make contingency plans, for anything that’s likely to go wrong. A risk assessment isn’t always required by councils, but you will find that making a claim on your public liability insurance without proof that you identified and took all possible precautionary measures will be difficult.

First Aid

It is essential to provide a visible first aid point at your event. The people available for first aid can be trained volunteers, or if your event is large, you could call upon the services of an organisation such as St John’s Ambulance.


When planning your event, you should think about the impact that traffic to it may have on the local area. Consider what parking arrangements may need to be made, or whether any roads will need to be closed for the duration of the event. Always ensure that the local council, and of course the people living in the area, are notified of any arrangements well in advance of the event.


So everyone is able to enjoy your event, providing access for people with disabilities is a must. You may need to cater for wheelchair users, partially sighted or blind visitors and also those with impaired hearing. Make sure your promotional material mentions how accessible the event is, and invite people to contact you regarding specific accessibility issues before arrival.

Licensed Activities

If you are going to be serving alcohol, selling alcohol, providing entertainment or offering hot food and drink after 11pm, you will need to make sure you have a licence to cover these activities. If it is a one-off event, consider applying for a Temporary Events Notice, available from your local council at a cost of £21.

Photographic Permissions

If you are planning to video the event or take photos, you will need to display a sign to notify those in attendance that they may be photographed/videoed. Ensure that you ask permission where possible to photograph people, and consider using a consent, or model release form to clarify permissions.


Having the right insurance for your event is essential. Public liability insurance protects those attending your event, whereas Personal Liability insurance protects property at the event and cash being handled on site. If your event will have a firework display, you will need additional insurance that covers pyrotechnics at events.

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