Flexible Firework Insurance For Travelling Showmen!

Flexible Firework Insurance? Exciting times are ahead for Travelling Showmen and Events Organisers in the UK and across the EU. The Insurance Experts are spearheading a new binding authority for Lloyds Of London that will allow us underwrite firework displays in a flexible manner for the first time in many years!

What’s new?

We are going to be underwriting firework insurance (public one-offs and professional annual policies) for events or organisers and travelling showmen. The unique binder means that we will be able to underwrite in a completely flexible manner – carefully selecting the most professional clients and assist them to risk manage their operations – making us the ideal insurer in the events, leisure and entertainment sector.

Will this save events organisers money?

In short – yes. The events industry has been very keen to use us because they know what we deliver friendly but knowledgeable (expert) advice at a competitive price. Our clients particularly appreciate being able to talk to us about their insurance queries and needs but also their business as a whole. We are very hands on and give that personal but expert service.

What is your most valuable piece of advice to event organisers about firework insurance?
We tell our clients that they should only provide a reasonable level of public liability cover, say £1m or £5m public liability, not the £10m or more some authorities and owners demand.

Facts about Firework Insurance:

  • It seems to have become fashionable for councils (local authorities) and owners of large properties to demand £10m or more public liability cover for contractors who come onto their property or land.
  • We believe there is a misunderstanding here – the property owner’s fire insurance or land liability policy is sufficient, the premium they pay their own insurers is adequate to include damage and liabilities for firework and other contractors doing work for them.
  • If the event organisers have to increase their public liability cover to the value of the property or the full extent of any liability then there is no point in the owners paying so much for their own property insurance, there would effectively be a degree of duplicate insurance.

Any other reasons why you think travelling showmen and events organisers should choose The Insurance Experts for Firework Insurance?

We pride ourselves on the claims service we provide. We don’t want our client’s record unnecessarily tarnished – genuine liability and own property claims are paid efficiently and fairly.

Our Firework Events Insurance also covers:

  • Torchlight processions
  • Bonfires
  • Fairground rides, stalls, etc
  • Inflatables
  • Water screen shows
  • Historical themed events such as battle re-enactments
  • Sale of glow-in-the-dark novelties at the display
  • Live band synchronising with the firework display effects

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our flexible cover for fireworks at events!