Four Great Money Saving Tips Tor Start-Ups in Essex

Four Great Money Saving Tips Tor Start-Ups in Essex Insurance Experts imageCutting out unnecessary expenditure is a must for any business that wants to make a profit, or in some cases, still be trading this time next year. It is however, even more important for start-ups.

According to statistics compiled by, over 16,000 new companies were formed in Essex alone last year – that is a lot of new companies vying for business in one county. To make the chances of success as great as possible, there are few ways start-up businesses in Essex can make their money go further.

  1. Share space with another business. Not only will this save costs on rent, rates, and other office expenses, but it could also help bring in new business if you produce co-branded press releases and stationary.
  1. Outsource your admin and accounting. Doing tasks that you weren’t cut out for can end up being costly in wasted time. By using a dedicated outsourcing company you can focus on sales, and service provision, and keep your payroll costs down.
  1. Get insurance though a broker. Going direct to an insurer does not give start-ups the best deal financially, or enable them to access to the best insurance products available. It is actually cheaper to get insurance through a broker, and the added support they provide is practically priceless.
  1. Always get three prices! Whether is it purchasing a printer cartridge, buying pens, or negotiating rent on a workspace, do your research and get three quotes. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better – find out exactly what you are getting for your money, and go for good value.

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