Gym and Fitness Centre Owners – 4 Things You Need To Know To Get A Quote!

Image by anneileino CC0

Whether you own a gym, health club, fitness centre, fitness studio, or run an outdoor bootcamp or running club – you’ll want to be sure that all your assets are protected.

This not only includes property and equipment, it includes your staff and your customers too. Here are three essential pieces of information you’ll need to tell your insurer:

  1. How many staff you employ – These could be contractors in the form of freelance fitness instructors, cleaners, window cleaners, and maintenance staff, or they could be employees who are on the payroll, full-time and part-time workers. This can be done through the annual wage roll, which will include staff on maternity and paternity leave.
  2. Your business turn over– This needs to be disclosed so your insurer understands the size of your business.
  3. If you own the premises where you run your gym or fitness centre, then your insurer will also need to know the rebuild value – This can be determined by a surveyor, we would recommend sourcing a local surveyor via RICS.
  4. The value of fixtures, fittings and equipment – If gym or office equipment gets damaged or stolen, it’s essential that your insurance provides the right level of cover so you can replace these goods before your business continuity is affected.

Here at Insurance Experts we are experienced in offering business advice along with insurance advice for gym and fitness centre owners, and instructors. Please get in touch to find out how we can provide you with a competitive quote tailored to what you really need. Just call us on 01245 500433 – we look forward to receiving your call.