Inflatables Insurance – 15 Safety Tips For Safe Use Outside

 Insurance Experts inflatables blog imageThere have been some tragic events relating to bouncy castles in the media – to cut the risk and keep everyone safe make sure you follow these essential tips.

  1. Use stakes at least a foot long to securely anchor the inflatable       – see the specific guidelines for your inflatable.
  2. For additional weight on anchors use sandbags.
  3. Ensure the inflatable is anchored down every five feet or less if the guidelines state so.
  4. Position the inflatable away from hazards such as overhead lines and fences.
  5. Use a ground sheet if placed on abrasive or dirty ground.
  6. Position the perimeter fence between 1.8 metres and 2.5 metres from closed sides and 3.5 metres to 4 metres from the open side.
  7. Leave a 1 metre opening for the entrance, and ensure it is kept clear.
  8. Do not operate on windy days, a cut-off point of 20mph is recommended, unless otherwise stated by the specific manufacturer instructions.
  9. Always have a trained operative attending the inflatable.
  10. Attendants should be aware of what to do in the event of accident or breakdown.
  11. Do not have too many people on the inflatable at once – see the specific guidelines for your inflatable.
  12. Do not let people climb the walls of an inflatable.
  13. Do not allow people to consume food, drink, sweets or chewing gum during use.
  14. Ensure impact mats are placed on hard surfaces at the entrance and any openings.
  15. Do not let people enter inflatables with hard or sharp objects such as shoes, buckles, hair pins, bags, and jewellery.
  16. Do not operate an inflatable without the correct insurance!


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