Insurance Is Changing For The Better! Insurance Act Update

Event Organisers - Expect The Unexpected! Insurance experts imageThe Insurance Act 2015 came into force on 12th August 2016. Amongst other things, this new Act replaced the doctrine of Utmost Good Faith with a Duty to provide a Fair Presentation of the Risk.

As such, Proposers will be asked to provide a Fair Presentation of their present knowledge before cover commences, and existing customers before renewal.

What you must disclose

  • Knowledge of your broker and your own related staff
  • Knowledge of senior management
  • Knowledge of any material circumstance which would have been revealed by a reasonable search

Disclosure must be clear and accessible, and contain every material circumstance which you know or ought to know.

Clear and accessible disclosure should also be made of sufficient information to put an insurer on notice to make further enquiries.

What is reasonable disclosure?

Not all of your knowledge is disclosable, but you MUST include any normal and unusual business risks, especially if they are hazardous, and any plans that may change your current risk profile.

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