Insure a Jet of Flames at a Festival? Of course we will!

We are well known for tailoring insurance to meet the needs of incredibly niche clients, and we often get some quirky insurance requests, especially around festival season.

The summer months bring a wealth of celebrations to the UK and with them showmen and pyrotechnical experts. Our favourite so far this summer has been insuring a Striker with a jet of flames up its tower at Glastonbury Festival.

insurance-experts-insure-a-test-your-strength-striker-at-glastonbury-2014 ##Striker – the lowdown… A Striker is a test-your-strength game, an attraction that has been a firm fixture at festivals and fairs around the country for decades! The one we were asked to insure at Glastonbury Festival however, had a neat trick up its tower… a jet of flames! ##Flames? Yes, flames. Many insurers may think that a vertical flamethrower amongst thousands of happy revellers is a recipe for trouble, but not us… we have a long-standing history of insuring the weird and wonderful for the pleasure of others! ##What is needed to insure a flame-throwing test-your-strength game? Expertise! With over 40 years of providing insurance for showmen, fairs, festivals and circuses, we know the needs of the industry inside out. By working closely with our clients and producing bespoke policy wordings where required, we are able to insure the strange, sensational and wacky attractions that the public know and love! For more information, please contact our [Showman Insurance](/our-specialisms/showmen-fairs-and-circuses) specialist. Image Copyright: trombax / 123RF Stock Photo