Making Money From Your Woodland

 Image by Tama66 CC0

Image by Tama66 CC0

The latest trend is to downshift, giving up high paid professional posts in favour of a low-key life, at one with nature. If this is something that appeals to you, here are some ideas for a slower pace of life with an income from woodland.

Harvesting Wood

Earning money from harvesting wood can be tricky. While there are favourable tax breaks, the cost of maintenance and the insurance to cover a tree surgeon providing maintenance services may outweigh these.


Permanent dwellings are rarely permitted in woodlands, but there are clauses where overnight stays are allowed. The number of nights per year varies from county to county, but owners may be able to get permission for occasional camping on the land.

Rural Craft Workshops

Learning traditional country crafts in a rural location is a pastime that many are willing to pay good money to take part in. Even if a rural craft isn’t your speciality, there are many talented craftspeople looking for a venue. Don’t forget that you will need to purchase specialist woodland public liability insurance.

Environmental Education

All manner of flora and fauna are of interest to conservationists, and woodlands are a great training ground. For those interested in learning about biodiversity and natural habitats of native species, access to woodlands is essential – contact your local borough council or wildlife trust to find out if your woodland fits the bill.

Before investing in a piece of woodland, it is wise to talk to an expert about the usage rights and whether the plot is suitable for the use you have in mind. Our woodland insurance covers £5m Public and Products Liability – essential in the event that a third party suffers injury or damage to property PLUS £10m Employer’s Liability – needed for volunteers as well as paid workers, including friends and neighbours. The policy can also cover other activities related to your woodland ownership, such as guided tours, forest schools and bushcraft.

For more information and advice about insuring a woodland, call Insurance Experts on 01245 500433