Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Don’t take a risk: protect your business from third party risks today.

Regardless of what kind of business you have, there is always a risk of damage being caused, in one form or another, many times every single week. In this day and age, there is something of a ‘sue first, ask questions later’ culture – so if you run your organisation without public liability business insurance, you’re taking a very big gamble – and one that you could live to regret should you be on the end of a third party injury claim.

A policy including the legal fees to cover your defence costs should you be unfortunate enough to be sued, together with a sum insured sufficient to meet any damages awarded is the minimum cover you should have.

From our office in Chelmsford, Essex, Insurance Experts have been providing public liability insurance cover for 0ver 10 years – and as such we have an extensive understanding of what is needed to provide your business with the cover it needs. We know full well that getting insurance quotes from insurance brokers can be a daunting job and one that takes not just time, but a great deal of patience and willpower to overcome the jargon that you’re often bombarded with. But with public liability insurance cover being essential for businesses, particularly small and medium sized companies, you either have to persevere, or speak to someone who can speak to you in plain English – like Insurance Experts. 

Speak to us and we’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure your business is protected in the right way. We’ll strive to understand your business, and its needs, and then we’ll talk to you in simple terms to explain your options and how we can help. So get the ball rolling today – either fill in our online contact form or call our friendly team on 01245 500433 and we’ll have your business covered in no time

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