Roy Musk

Roy underwrites on behalf of the insurer (certain syndicates at Lloyds of London) and specialises in firework, pyrotechnic and special effects operators; everything from firework displays to TV, film and stage effects. He has been involved with broking and the underwriting of this type of risk since 1994 and from his experience as a small firework display operator/firer he is well positioned to understand the needs of his clients.

Roy introduced the first UK rule of thumb in regard to distances between the firing site and the audience / property and is still at the forefront of health and safety, serving on the H&SE panel for Explosives Legislative Review (ELR).

He enjoys helping firework people with whatever their problems are, everything from where to site the store, what the most economic store security methods are, how to obtain the best display advice and training, and so on. All this is just a phone call away and Roy always enjoys talking about fireworks!