SMEs Should Choose A Broker, Not Go Directly To An Insurer

SMEs Should Choose A Broker, Not Go Directly To An Insurer Insurance experts image

In many parts of life, cutting out the “middle man” and going direct to a supplier has its advantages. It is often cheaper for example, and you often get to have a direct conversation with those “in the know”. This is not the same when it comes to insurance however, and this is why…

  • It is cheaper to go through a broker
  • You can build a better relationship with a broker
  • A broker can access specialist products, which are closed off to SMEs that go direct


It is all down to quality relationships.

A broker works to build a bond with the client base, fully understanding their needs within sectors the broker specialises in – this is especially important in niche markets. By providing tailored advice and services, brokers can offer SMEs higher levels of support not available directly from an insurer.

The insurance provider on the other hand works to build a strong relationship with brokers. This is because they know they are able to sell the right product at the right price in an efficient and supportive way that yields greatest client satisfaction. If the client is happy with the broker, the broker can continue selling on behalf of the insurer.

The money saving element relates to marketing. It works out cheaper for insurers not to market themselves direct to individuals, which in turn means their policies can be provided at a lower price to the brokers they choose to work with.

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