Unique Trades Require Specialist Knowledge – Showmen Insurance Explained

To get showmen insurance for showmen, fairs and circuses, you need to understand that “the devil is in the detail”. It is all about knowing what is required to fit the needs of arguably the most unique of trades in the entertainment industry. Here’s an example …

Every UK showman has a range of unique equipment, some of it may be vintage, and others may be one-off creations passed down through the generations. Many items can be impossible to replace with an identical piece of equipment if it becomes damaged beyond repair or lost.

What showmen need is insurance that is designed for the business they are in, which takes an insurance broker who understands the needs of the showman fully.

So, what may a showman need?

New for old cover – This is for old equipment, once-off pieces or discontinued items which cannot be replaced like for like. New for old cover means the equipment needs to be insured for its new replacement value.

Like for like cover – This is for equipment that is still easily available . Like for like cover means that the policy holder needs to know that their equipment can be easily replaced with an identical item.

Knowing what is needed gives the underwriters an accurate replacement value, which means that they cannot only offer insurance that is cost-effective, but also offer insurance that actually provides the cover needed.

If this process isn’t arranged properly, the showman may find that he is only entitled to part of the claim – something that can be avoided by a broker with the right experience to ask the right questions.

Showmen Select Insurance

This insurance is arranged by a team which has over 20 years of experience of providing insurance to showmen and is a product of Jackaman Insurance Services, based in Kent. Jackaman Insurance Services is a trade name Insurance Experts Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so you can be confident you are being looked after by professionals.

If you are a showman and need insurance that really works for you, get in touch with our Showmen Select team today!