Want To Earn Money With Inflatable Hire? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Image by hardyS CC0

Buying inflatables such as bouncy castles, bungee runs and inflatable slides with a view to hiring them out can be a lucrative investment when done properly. To make sure that your inflatables hire business is a success here are a few things you need to know before you set up.

There is a code of practice that should be followed when setting up inflatable equipment. This includes recommendations on safe distances between inflatables and barriers, wind-speed limits, and how to anchor inflatables safely. While it isn’t compulsory by law, it is a standard of practice that most Inflatables Insurance providers will want you to meet as it shows you are a competent operator.

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There is an organisation that inspects and tests inflatables to ensure they meet safety standards, a bit like an MOT. PIPA is an inspection scheme that strives to ensure inflatable play equipment is safe for use, and comes with full approval and backing from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). From an insurers perspective, ensuring that your equipment undergoes regular inspection equates to reducing the risk of something going wrong – and if the risk is lowered, your premiums are too.

BS EN 14960:2013 outlines the stringent safety requirements and test methods pertaining to inflatable play equipment. This is essential reading for anyone who owns and hires out Inflatables. Within its 47 pages you will discover safety requirements, test methods and reports, manufacture information, and details on inspection maintenance and alteration. It also includes test methods for assessing risk of entrapment to clothing and body parts. This document is available to purchase at bsigroup.com.

Insurance Experts provide tailor-made Inflatables Insurance to owners and operators of inflatable play equipment who hire out to fetes, schools, fun days, private parties, weddings, and functions. For more information about running a safe and profitable Inflatables Hire business or to discuss a quote – please get in touch on 01245 500433.